My set-up is currently composed of two bird rooms which measure approximately 20' long by 15' wide. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them).

Bird Room Under Construction          Exterior View of the Bird Room          Bird Room Entrance

Under Construction                                                Exterior View                                                             Entrance         

The provision of adequate light, temperature and humidity are particularly important. Ample ventilation and light is provided by large windows and 4' fluorescent strips attached to each cage. Controlled artificial lighting is needed to increase or decrease day light hours. Depending on seasons 14 to 16 hours of light is maintained in the bird room while birds are breeding. A 15W night light is provided to prevent night fright and help birds settle down once all lights are out. All lights in the bird room are controlled with automatic timers

Bird Room 1          Bird Room 2          Bird Room Lights

     Bird Room 1                                                        Bird Room 2                                                       Bird Room Lights

Temperature in the bird room is always maintained between 78-85 degrees Fahrenheit. A thermometer is located in the bird room and an exterior sensor attached to the outer wall of the birdWireless Thermometer & Sensor room. The monitor inside the bird room will show both internal and external ambient temperature. An Air Conditioning unit helps regulate temperature on those extremely hot summer days. (Click on the picture for more information)


Humidity is usually not a problem with the provision of ample bathing water for the birds. The floor of the bird rooms are composed of tile and concrete which makes them simple to wash and hose down periodically. Each room has its own sink for cleaning dirty utensils. Storage is provided with large shelves for nests, baths, paper rolls, seed etc. 

Storage Area          Sink & Cleaning Area          Sink & Cleaning Area

       Storage Area                                          Sink (Bird Room 1)                                       Sink (Bird Room 2)

Cages for parrot finches should allow sufficient room for exercise to prevent obesity. The cages I am currently housing and breeding my birds in are from Abba Products. A single unit measures 31.5" wide x 23" deep and 20.5" high. I usually house a pair per unit but in some species I remove the divider and give a single pair two units which measures 63" wide x 23" deep x 20.5" high. These cages are solid sides with open wire backs. Solid dividers separate each cage which can be made into large flights. Removable wire grills compose the floor of each cage. The cages are very convenient with a feature that provides a paper roll attached to one end of the cage. When you want to discard the soiled paper just pull the oposite end and replace. This system is vital and makes routine cleaning simple with minimum disturbance to the birds.

Click to enlarge.          Click to enlarge.          Click to enlarge.

   Cages                                                           Dividers                                                       Paper Rolls


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